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Lord of the Rings Star Elijah Wood Cracked An Anal C*nt Joke About The Trump Family

elijah wood trump

Elijah Wood is a man of eclectic musical tastes, but is he actually a grindcore fan? He's previously name dropped bands like Black Sabbath and Rage Against the Machine, which are relatively entry-level compared to any grindcore bands, so it certainly seems the former Frodo Baggins of Lord of the Rings fame has an open mind.

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The reason I ask is because Woods recently joked about the Trump family in response to a viral tweet by the awful (more on that below) Lincoln Project. When the Republican coalition of never-Trumpers posted a creepy photo of Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. and asked "Name This Band," Wood responded with quite a reference: "Anal Cunt."

Perhaps Wood would be happy to know there is a band that already exists that combines Anal Cunt and Trump – they are of course Anal Trump.

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Kudos to Wood on the good riff.

Anyway, if you care why I think the Lincoln Project is bad, it's because it's run by former George W. Bush aide Rick Wilson, who is not a good person, unless you are okay with everything that went down during the Bush presidency. It's a bunch of Republicans who just think Trump isn't nice, but their positions on policies are not that much better. Here is a great tear down of Wilson for those unfamiliar:

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Okay, that's enough politics for me.

[via ThePRP / MetalSucks]

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