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George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher Offers His View on NFL Players Taking A Knee

The Cannibal Corpse frontman has a great take.

The Cannibal Corpse frontman has a great take.

George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher is a huge consumer of media, we learned this when we went shopping at Target with him. Fisher is also a huge NFL fan, we learned that he's a big Broncos fan when he sat in on the Livecast a few weeks ago.

Knowing this, our friends at the Metalsucks Podcast asked the Cannibal Corpse vocalist about his thoughts on NFL players taking a knee. The protests began when now-former San Francisco 49er Colin Kapernick sat during the national anthem, in protest of police brutality. Eventually, he decided to take a knee, and a few other players around the league joined in his protest. It wasn't until President Trump brought up the protests at a rally, saying that the players are disrespecting the flag, and in turn the troops, that the issue got much larger recognition, and as a result, more players started taking a knee. So, how does Fisher feel about? His thoughts are positively centrist:

It’s your life, you do what you want. Cannibal Corpse has never been about politics, and we all obviously have our own opinions, y’know, each person in the band. I’m not gonna condemn somebody for not standing or standing. If you take a side you take a side and then somebody’s gonna be against you and it’s not worth it to me, y’know?

I mean, I would stand, if it was me; I don’t have a problem with people standing and linking arms. There’s obviously problems in this country and I think that was the original reason for all of this stuff happening. And so, how can anybody be against people wanting everybody coming together and treating everybody the same and fairly and equally? I’m all for that. So if you can listen to what people are saying and say “we’re not disrespecting the flag and our country and we love our country, we’re just trying to make people start talking about this stuff and do something about it” I don’t have a problem with that at all. A lot of different protests and how people handle it, it’s their way. It’s not my place to tell them “You’re wrong! You’re an asshole!” You know? Sure, I have opinions on who I think is wrong and who I think is right in certain things, but on this issue I think we should all just sit back and say “Look man, if you know why people are doin’ it, you don’t have to agree with it, but that’s what this country is all about.”

I thought that was a very eloquent way to phrase the situation and I think Fisher handled it with class. We would offer our own political opinion on the matter, but we're pretty sure you wouldn't care.

You can hear the entire episode of the MetalSucks Podcast below:

Cannibal Corpse's new album, Red Before Black, is out now.

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