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Ex-MISFITS Vocalist Michale Graves May Be Witness in Proud Boys US Capitol Court Case

Michale Graves has been a Proud Boy since 2020.

Photo: Jackson Stanley

Ex-Misfits vocalist Michale Graves is set to potentially defend four leaders of the right wing domestic terror group Proud Boys in court over their involvement in the January 6 insurrection.

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Graves became a member of the Proud Boys in 2020 and was asked to play a private concert for the group on the afternoon of January 6. According to Reuters, Graves may be asked to defend the leaders in court because "he did not think [Proud Boys] was capable of planning an invasion of the Capitol." He later added that "These guys have a hard time getting an order together for McDonalds".

The defense claims because there was a concert planned, and because of the disorganization across 1,500 messages between Proud Boys on Telegram between January 5 and 6, that the group couldn't have planned the attack. Graves also claims he ended up bailing on the January 6 concert after seeing what happened at the Capitol, and was not involved in the insurrection.

To put this into perspective, Proud Boys organizer Joseph Biggs was arrested in January and charged with obstruction of proceeding, entering restricted grounds and disorderly conduct. Several other Proud Boys have since been arrested as well, the latest being Paul Rae. On March 2 according to NPR, a document was filed in federal court alleging that one member of the Proud Boys "was internally nominated to have 'war powers' and assume 'ultimate leadership' of the group's activities that day."

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