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BODY COUNT's ICE-T Loves Donald Trump. Just Kidding, He Says Trump's "The Ultimate Con Artist"

The climate is ripe for a new Body Count record. The group's new album, Bloodlust, will be released on March 31st via Century Media Records and naturally, Ice is doing some interviews to promote the album.

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In a new interview with, the Law and Order SVU star goes off on President Donald Trump. The interviewer asked Ice if he was surprised that Trump won the election:

"I think we all were surprised that Trump won, because dude be lying. He's a motherfucker. He didn't never show his taxes. He's the ultimate con artist. He's the kind of rich person, when people say they don't like rich people — that's what they mean. I know Richard Branson, I know Mark Cuban — billionaires that you can sit up and kick it with. But Trump is an elitist. He's a demagogue. And yeah, it's scary, man. He's got a lot of power. I come from the gang world, you know. You can't just be talking shit and think the other gangs don't hear you. You can't talk the way he talks and think the rest of the world doesn't see him as their enemy. Once the dude told the world, 'I'm smarter than the generals,' I knew we were up shit creek. But I predict his own supporters will turn on him in six to eight months. So let's just cross our fingers."

Ice T also touched on the "No Lives Matter" music video that Body Count recently released. Interestingly, Ice does not consider himself part of the BLM movement, but says he understands what they're about:

I tried to break it down as simple as possible. I’m not a member of BLM, but I understand what that statement means. When people say “All lives matter,” they’re missing the point. We’re not saying that black lives are the only lives that matter. We’re just saying they have to matter. But in the song, I’m saying they never really have. But then take it another step: When you get to the bottom of evil, they don’t give a fuck about any-fucking-body. There’s a good documentary called Shadow World, where they’re talking about selling weapons. When you’re playing on that field, humans are just collateral damage to the money. So I’m saying black lives should matter, but motherfuckers don’t act like they do.

He continues…

It’s a lot more about class than race, and I truly believe it. There are racists out there—don’t get it fucked up—but a lot more is going on than just racism. That’s what the song is about. Like on my show, Law & Order, they go, “They’re from an affluent family, so tread lightly.” What are they saying? They’re saying we can’t fuck with them. So I think when the cops are in the projects, their hands are quicker on the trigger because there’s gonna be no ramifications for their actions. If they’re in Beverly Hills, they’re not gonna pull that gun. That’s in the back of their minds.

But black cops are fucking up, too. They’re out there shooting motherfuckers. So I’m just here to say it’s deeper than racism. Black lives should matter, but they don’t give a fuck about poor whites that they call trash, either. One thing I’ve always tried to do is let white people know that black people ain’t the enemy, and let black people know that all white people ain’t the enemy. There’s suckers of every race, color, and denomination. You’ve gotta judge a devil by his deeds, not what they look like.

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He also addressed the issue of his 1992 song "Cop Killer," saying he never hated cops:

I never had nothing against cops. I don’t hate cops. When I was a criminal, the cops were the opponent, not the enemy. There’s a difference. When you’re going to rob a bank, you know you’re not supposed to break the law, but you choose to do it anyway. So why you mad at the cop who comes after you? You just feel you can outsmart him and get away with it. I was a real live criminal, man. I’m not one of these people who’s mad at the cops because I can’t smoke weed. It ain’t the cop’s fault! He’s just doing his job. So the old Ice-T would be like, “You got a job, and it pays good? Play on, playa.” [Laughs] But the cop I play on Law & Order is chasing pedophiles and rapists. So I’m playing the cop I should play.

The entire interview is worth a read.

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