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BEHEMOTH's Nergal Compares Anti-Maskers To Flat Earthers; Pleas For Fans to Wear Masks

"Hey, we ALL agreed to halt at red light even if there's no traffic, right?"

Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski has been known in the past for controversial, and sometimes blasphemous, takes. How will his previous controversial statements weigh up against his most recent take: be considerate and wear a mask. Very controversial, I know.

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Nergal, who is currently in Portugal, posted a video message urging friends in Poland and all over the world to wear masks, to protect our friends and family saying "we do not live on a lonely planet."

In the caption, Nergal noted "Convert anti-maskers to wearing masks reminds me of trying to prove the flatearthers the[y] are wrong.

"My friend @tomasz_organek got sooo much shit from our country mates for publicity promoting the idea of wearing masks. Well… yes, the rules and procedures often make no sense and seem lacking logic, masks must be switched or washed often so it's not intoxicating for those who wear them… the list goes on. But hey, we ALL agreed to halt at red light even if there's no traffic right?

Nergal tries to plea to people's rationality adding "Why not temporarily obey this law so everyone around us can feel a lil comfort in those highly uncomfortable times? So even if u don’t believe the mask will save u from getting a disease wear it as a sign of AWARENESS. Makes sense?"

There are plenty of videos that show the effectiveness of masks. Is it 100% effective? No, but it's more effective than not wearing one.

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