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AXL ROSE Invites Mexican GUNS N ROSES Fans On Stage To Bash DONALD TRUMP Piñata

Posted by on December 1, 2016 at 10:32 pm

Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose is really trying to start a feud with US President-elect Donald Trump. After some tweets last week telling Trump to stop whining, Axl took his Trump trolling to the next level during Guns N Roses' gig in Mexico City, Mexico last night (Nov. 30th).

Rose unveiled a giant Trump piñata and invited some fans on stage and said "Let's bring up some people, and give them a fucking stick. I just want you to express yourself, however you feel."

At the start of his presidential campaign run, Trump gave a very controversial anti-Mexican immigration speech saying the country is sending their rapists and drug deals to the US and that he planned to build a wall between the neighboring countries. While the fans onstage hit the Trump piñata, the crowd could be heard chanting"¡puto!" – which literally translates to male prostitute, and in slang is used to refer to a "lack of manhood," considered by some to be a homophobic slur. Classy!

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It seems like Rose is trying to bait our President-elect, we'll see if Trump takes the bait. I'm sure if this gets picked up by enough outlets, he will.


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