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Top Tracks Of The Week

METALLICA, CATTLE DECAPITATION, SCAR SYMMETRY & More Among Metal Injection's Top Tracks Of The Week

Check out our top 20 songs of the week!


This week's top tracks include a thrashy new Metallica single, a horrifying new Cattle Decapitation single, the first new Scar Symmetry single in nine years, and more! Check out the playlist on Spotify here and on Apple Music here.

  1. "72 Seasons" – Metallica
  2. "Scourge Of The Offspring" – Cattle Decapitation
  3. "Scorched Quadrant" – Scar Symmetry
  4. "Nothing Gold" – After The Burial
  5. "The Migrant" – Shadow Of Intent
  6. "Endless Ambition" – Nervosa
  7. "The Frozen Lake, Pt. II (The Ruined)" – Worm Shepherd
  8. "Seven Thunders" – Cloak
  9. "Fighting Myself" – Linkin Park
  10. "Sea Of Reeds" – The Ocean
  11. "Until There Is No Longer" – Thy Art Is Murder
  12. "Death Won't Stop Me" – Spirit Adrift
  13. "Intestinal Wrap" – Creeping Death & Corpsegrinder
  14. "Nobody" – Avenged Sevenfold
  15. "Reaching" – The Devil Wears Prada
  16. "Let Them Go" – Glass Casket
  17. "Deadwood" – Sylosis
  18. "Through The Depths" – DevilDriver
  19. "Hellions" – Fit For An Autopsy
  20. "Full Void" – Suicide Silence

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