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The 30 Most Unique Looking Guitars at NAMM 2016

So many unique guitars this year.

So many unique guitars this year.

For the last few years, I have been going to the NAMM show, and always have been floored at the amount of artistry that goes into some of the guitars on display.

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While GearGods likes to cover the more technical aspects of the convention (head on over for 300 videos featuring product demos, announcements and performances), I prefer to make a list every year of the sexiest guitars. These are being judged purely for aesthetic purposes, and not for their playing ability. Without further ado…

This ridiculous 8-string Pratt Headless Bass

One of the first things I saw at the convention and certainly one of the more unique-looking basses around.
NAMM 2016 guitar 2

This Gorgeous Sever Custom Guitar with Nightime Sunburst Finish

A guitar that looks like the sky at night!

NAMM 2016 guitar 4

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This ridiculous Rolling Stones tribute guitar

This is essentially a guitar you hang up on your wall, right? Unless you play in a Rolling Stones cover band, then it's perfectly fine to play this one live.

NAMM 2016 guitar 6

ESP Custom Shinobi Guitar

This is the type of guitar you would never take out of the case.

NAMM 2016 guitar 9

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This Wooden Custom ESP Guitar

ESP really brought it. Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the bevel on this one was nuts.

NAMM 2016 guitar 31

This gorgeous Vigier strawberry swirl guitar

Never has a guitar finish made me want a milkshake more…

NAMM 2016 guitar 12

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Ibanez Steve Vai Special Editions

Only 77 of each of these have been made in celebration of Vai's legacy, and man are they gorgeous!

NAMM 2016 guitar 14

NAMM 2016 guitar 15

NAMM 2016 guitar 16

Vox Starstream Guitars

I love a unique body, and these are some of the most unique I saw at the convention.

NAMM 2016 guitar 18

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Classic BC Rich Red

BC Rich understands that red = metal

NAMM 2016 guitar 23

NAMM 2016 guitar 24

These gorgeous new EVH guitars

Eddie Van Halen's signature design will never go out of style for this dork. I love the different iterations this year.

NAMM 2016 guitar 27

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This gorgeous red Jackson guitar

Did I mention I'm a sucker for red guitars?

NAMM 2016 guitar 28

This bright Charvel Neon Guitars

I'm also a sucker for neon guitars.

NAMM 2016 guitar 29

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Schecter Keith Merrow Signature

Speaking of neon guitars…

NAMM 2016 guitar 37

Schecter GWAR Signature and Sean Yseult Signature Bass

I love a unique body on a guitar, so the accented V on the Mike Derks guitar is killer. Also, a coffin case bass? How metal!

NAMM 2016 guitar 35

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Schecter Shaun Morgan Signature

Schecter really killed it this year. I love the embossed bevel on this guitar.

NAMM 2016 guitar 36

This unique 660 Guitar

So patriotic!

NAMM 2016 guitar 43

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These insane Ogre Guitars

Who would actually play these?

NAMM 2016 guitar 45

The Gaudiest Guitars at NAMM

These two were in the same section and were unbelievable to look at.

NAMM 2016 guitar 40

NAMM 2016 guitar 39

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For way more awesome coverage onf NAMM, including new gear announcements and performance video, visit Gear Gods.

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