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Shocking Revelations

“Hey, you’re Black. You’re not supposed to listen to that.”

Five Favorite Records

A true grindhouse artist with a love of gritty violence, grizzly imagery and the darkest of pitch black humor, Necro’s work is the stuff...

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Terra Odium, Go Ahead And Die, Mammoth WVH, Orphan Donor, Machine Head, Mr. Bungle, Mother of All, and Flying Cupid.


If You Missed It…

Upcoming Releases

Clown has been very forthcoming recently about the status of new music from Slipknot. Yesterday, we learned that he said the band hopes to...


As United States citizens continue to get vaccinated, and various cities open up, it seems like almost in an instant, a ton of tours...

New Music

The music world is a big place, and there are wide variety of fans and genres. Recently, Trivium's Matt Heafy learned that famed pop...


Music Videos

About a guy who just wants to find love.


I've always felt the hallmark of a great festival is not only what happens on stage, but across the hall where relevant topics are...


Metal Injection Exclusive Videos

Metal Injection Exclusives

Matthias Scheuerer of Space Chaser has a super sick collection of shirts, and he was kind of enough to bring us into his home...

Metal Injection Exclusives

On this edition of 'Prized Possessions' Skye and Matt of Sumo Cyco show off their favorites pieces from their record collection, and talk about...

Metal Injection Exclusives

With travel bans across the world, we're stoked to have Jarvis Leatherby of NIGHT DEMON / CIRITH UNGOL give the Metal Injection viewers an...

Metal Injection Exclusives

Frank sits down with Dino Cazares of Fear Factory to clear up the turbulent nature of the band, issues with previous band members, the...

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