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Kirk Hammett Lost His Phone Containing 250 Ideas For The New METALLICA Album

Yes. Kirk Hammett straight up lost a whole bunch of Metallica jams.

Yes. Kirk Hammett straight up lost a whole bunch of Metallica jams.

I'm not sure if anyone has posted about this yet, but Metallica has been writing a new album for approximately the past ten thousand years or something like that and at this point I'm near positive we're never going to hear it.

Apparently, Kirk Hammett had 250 ideas for the new record on his phone. A phone that he misplaced and has yet to find! Which is really helpful. If you're extremely sad right now, take solace i the fact that Hammett remembers eight of the ideas! Hooray! Kinda. Here's what he told Jamey Jasta on a recent podcast appearance:

"I put riffs on my iPhone, but something very unfortunate happened to me about six months ago. I lost my iPhone [containing] two hundred and fifty musical ideas. And I was crushed. It didn't get backed up. And when it happened, I was bummed out for about two or three days. I walked into the house. My wife saw me and she said, 'Uh-oh, what's wrong? Did you get a phone call from a relative?' I said, 'No.' She said, 'What's going on?' I told her, and she understood.

"I lost [the phone]. I just plain lost it. I can't find it. I'm still looking for it to this day. I just set it somewhere and… It still might turn up. I'm hoping it will. To try to remember those riffs…? I can only remember, like, eight of 'em. So I just chalked it down to maybe it just wasn't meant to be and I'll just move forward with it.

"For me, music comes at all times of the day. When I get a riff, sometimes it's a complete riff and I can just play it and there it is, sometimes it's half a riff and I have to tweak it. Sometimes it's just a rhythm or a note selection. Or sometimes it's just something that I hum in my head. But it can come from anywhere, and I put it on my phone, and I make sure the phone is fucking backed up.

"All you musicians out there who use your phone, make sure it's backed up. Right?!"

So there you have it- there was a whole lot of new Metallica floating around and now there isn't. On the plus side, what if the group writes a whole new record and then Hammett finds his phone? Then we'll have two albums! Probably.

Hammett also revealed during the interview that the band have been working with producer Greg Fidelman on the album. Fidelman also worked on Death Magnetic and Lulu as well as a ton of other metal stuff.

[via Blabbermouth]

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