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Dave Grohl Breaks Leg At FOO FIGHTERS Show, Gets Cast, Keeps Going!

Posted by on June 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm

We've continually called Dave Grohl the coolest motherfucker in rock and he continues to prove us right! At a show that happened in Sweden hours ago, Grohl lept from the stage during the second song in the set and felt his leg break. Grohl tried to keep going, but eventually had to be taken to the back to be attended to. He addressed the crowd before leaving, asking drummer Taylor Hawkins to take over vocal duty for him:

“Ladies and gentleman… I love you too motherf—ers,” Grohl began. “Now look, I think I just broke my leg. I think I REALLY broke my leg. So look, you have my promise, right now, that the Foo Fighters; we’re gonna come back and finish the show. Right now, I’m gonna go to the hospital. I’m gonna fix my leg, but then I’m gonna come back and we’re gonna play for you again. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. We’re gonna do it, but right now, Taylor Hawkins, you’ve gotta do it. You’ve gotta do it.”


Here is video:

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Here's the best part… Grohl got his leg taped up, grabbed some crutches and then headed right back to the stage to finish the set! How metal is that? Here are some Instagram videos detailing the event…

Update: Grohl has posted his X-ray:

Video Content Presented by Qello Concerts:

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