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Good Guy Dave Grohl Cooks BBQ For Firefighters Battling California's Wildfires

Posted by on November 13, 2018 at 3:51 pm

We've noted many times in the past that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is the coolest motherfucker in music. He's taken on the Westboro Baptist Church, gets in mosh pits for Metallica, breaks his leg mid-show and keeps going, leaves amazing 100% tips at bars, has an insane drinking ritual before shows but still makes sure to tops fans' beers off from stage.

Grohl is currently in a BBQ grilling mood. He's launching a new project called Backbeat BBQ and with how busy local Californian firefighters are trying to keep this wildfire under control, Grohl took his BBQ chops to the local fire station to cook the fine people there some brisket and such.

Grohl showed up to Calabasas’ Fire Station 88, cooked an array of meats and posed for some photos.

Grohl noted to Uproxx in a recent interview that he relates cooking BBQ to performing: “You know, you work all day long and then you present it to someone and it’s almost like making a song,” he said. “You have your specific recipe or your specific rub. And, you know, the best feeling is when you have those big barbecues and I’m dolin’ out food for everyone and then they start coming back for seconds, it’s almost like performance in a way.”

Before grilling for the firefighters, Grohl was the master chef at a party thrown by Dimebag's longtime girlfriend, Rita Haney. Look at these two bad asses:

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