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KORN's Jonathan Davis is a Political Activist Now, Claims US is Turning Into A Police State

Move over Dave Mustaine, there is a new political activist in the metal world!

Move over Dave Mustaine, there is a new political activist in the metal world!

Move over Dave Mustaine, there is a new political activist in the metal world!

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You may recall Korn recently released a music video for the track "Spike My Veins" which featured a lot of political imagery mixed with pop culture imagery like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. It was certainly a provocative music video that got people talking.

One person who's eyes were opened by the video is famed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones has had metalheads on his show before, most famously, his good friend Dave Mustaine. Jones had Davis on to speak about Korn's new video, which Davis explained as:

"For a long time, I've been into what's going on with our country.

"I don't necessarily consider myself a political person, but over the years, I've seen what's been going on, and it's time to do something about what's going on with our country and the system and everything that's going on.

"It seems really sad that everybody's so asleep and oblivious to the fact that the country uses the media to capture people's attention or take away from the fact that what's going on with our country.

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"It really freaked me out when the whole Miley Cyrus thing was going on, and when that went down, [President] Barack [Obama] passed that new law that he can imprison anyone he wants and he doesn't have to charge them and he can keep them as long as he wants.

"Basically, all our liberties are being taken away one by one, and finally, I feel like it's time… I've gotta do something and try and get as many people as we can to wake up and see what's really going on."

I know what you're thinking… I knew Miley Cyrus was just a puppet of distraction for the government so they can pass laws while she sticks her tongue out and humps giant teddy bears but I needed Jonathan Davis to confirm it. Makes total sense! But wait, there's more!

"I think it's time for us as normal people to come up and fight against the powers that be.

"I think this country was founded and based in the beginning and set up for us to have revolutions when we don't like our government and what our government has done and taken over and taken away all our privacy and all the things going on with the drones…. I mean, everything. It's a scary time, and I think that someone's gotta do it in our position, someone's gotta speak out to the younger audience and let them know what's going on and how to wake up and take back their privacy."

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He continued: "Big Brother is alive and well. I mean, you're looking at me on my camera phone. It wasn't about putting up cameras. I think we've already got cameras everywhere. You can't tell me that there's no backdoors for everybody to see, so that the powers that be can see what we're doing and watch what we're doing at all times. And I'm not comfortable with that. And I think it needs to go. And they're building that huge-ass building, NSA is, for all the spying, and it's just gonna get worse and worse. I mean, it's scary times, brother.

"Nobody cares what's going on behind the closed doors when Obama makes all these crazy laws that take away more and more of our privacy. It'll make you more of a dictator.

"Something's gotta happen, man. It's gotta stop."

You really can take a political activist seriously when he uses phrases like "huge-ass building." I agree with Davis to a point here, yes, the NSA is very scary and the disappearance of privacy is something to be concerned with, but the thought that the government wants to spend time finding a backdoor into my camera is ridiculous. They have plenty better to do with their time.

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Davis has more thoughts on Obama becoming a dictator:

"I mean, I've said it before. I think he's an illuminati puppet," the singer said. "It just doesn't make sense, the whole thing. The guy comes from out of nowhere, he gets made president, all this stuff starts happening. I don't know… It just didn't make sense to me. And to top top it off, I'm not really a political person, I don't know much about it, I'm just worried about my privacy and my children's privacy. This being America, we're supposed to be the 'land of the free,' and it's becoming a police state."

He added: "I just want us to become the country we used to be.

"I remember, when I was a kid, how amazing our country was, and as I've grown up and watched things happen, I just want it to be like it used to be.

"Like I said, I'm not really a political person and I don't wanna come off like I don't know what I'm talking about, but I really wanna leave a world for my kids to have the liberties and the privacy that this country was founded on."

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It's quite hilarious that Davis says Obama "came from nowhere" when the guy served three terms as senator of Chicago, and before that was very active in the Chicago community. It almost makes his entire argument seem completely invalid but he's clearly the first person to admit that he's not a political person… and yet he has all these concrete views on politics.

There are some valid concerns that Davis states but overall, to me, he sounds like an old man. It's hard to hear him talk about "the man" and Big Brother when he works for "the man." Yes, Korn's last album came out on their own label, Prospect Park, but that label is distributed by Universal, a subsidary of Comcast, which is very much Big Brother. So perhaps, Jon, you should take a look in the mirror (see what I did there?) before pointing any fingers.

[Transcriptions via Blabbermouth]

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