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FALLING IN REVERSE's Ronnie Radke Makes Tasteless 9/11 Joke on Memorial Day

Bad joke is bad.

Bad joke is bad.

While you were spending your Memorial Day honoring our troops or perhaps enjoying some barbque with family and friends, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke was working out some comedy material on his Instagram page:

Ronnie Radke bad joke

Girl: "Come visit me at work, I'm horny"
Guy: "Can't. Just got this job at the airport."
Girl: "I'm off my period"

I know what you're thinking… what's the joke? Where is the setup? Where is the punchline? The joke is that the girl worked in the World Trade Center and the pilot was so horny he flew into it to get some.

So what's more offensive? The fact that this was posted on Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have fallen to protect America – or that Ronnie Radke even thought this was remotely funny? Obviously, the former – but how could somebody be so oblivious to the tastelessness of the joke?

After getting the backlash, Radke took down the photo and posted this pseudo-apology:

I think you meant Life is Short, moron!

[via MetalSucks / Lambgoat]

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