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Your Grandmother's Statues Just Got Way More Metal!

Jesus liked black metal, right?

Jesus liked black metal, right?

Portland-based artist Tom LaBonty spends a lot of time in thrift stores looking for ceramic statues. Not because he's trying to constantly surprise his loving grandparents with the glorified paperweights, but because he's going to paint them up metal as fuck! LaBonty currently runs an Etsy account where he sells all his gloriously sacrilegious pieces of art and we highly suggest you grab a few.

As usual with these types of things, here's our favorites.

il_570xN.537636000_of58 il_570xN.548084685_r6g8 il_570xN.600863419_sm75 il_570xN.600865457_5kzc il_570xN.635542252_s5sc il_570xN.523717032_povi il_570xN.619670783_lo23 il_570xN.611349834_nm88 il_570xN.611490205_5lij il_570xN.554496525_407z

[via Dangerous Minds]

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