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Today's Inspiration: This 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Grandma Fronts A Metal Band

We wish we were half as cool as Inge when we reach our 90s.

We wish we were half as cool as Inge when we reach our 90s.

Inge Ginsberg was born in Austria and lived quite a full life. The 96-year-old fled from Austria during the Holocaust and settled in a refugee camp in Switzerland. Now, many decades later she's fronting a death metal band.

Inge was the focus of a new spotlight by The New York Times Opinion section, and the accompanying video, which you can see below, is an incredibly moving and touching piece about how a woman in her 90s choses to live out the rest of her days as opposed to waiting to die. Inge has quite a strong spirit, and when friends saw some poetry she was writing, they felt the only proper soundtrack for some of the dark themes Inge was talking about was to start a metal band. The video does a far better job of telling her story than I ever could:

And in case you're curious what the music sounds likeā€¦

Kudos, Inge! We can't wait to get in the pit.

[via MetalSucks]

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