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DAVID HASSELHOFF Is Working on Heavy Metal Songs – "That's The Kind Of Music I Like To Hear"

The Hoff is down with metal.


66-year-old David Hasselhoff has announced plans for a new album with "some" heavy metal songs on it.

The star of shows such as Knight Rider and Baywatch told German news outlet Deutsche Presse-Agentur of his plans for new music for what the Presse-Agentur calls his "big heavy metal fan base."

 "I'm doing some heavy metal songs on my new album. Why not? I do not have an album title yet, but it should read: 'Everything is allowed'. I do everything. Because I can. Because I want it. "

Whatever you say, Hoff!

Blabbermouth notes that Hasselhoff does have some connections to the metal world. He played the Nova Rock fest in 2014 in Austria, sharing the bill with Iron Maiden and telling local press at the time that he liked Iron Maiden and Metallica "That's the kind of music I like to hear."

Hasselhoff also once enlisted Ministry's Al Jourgensen to remix a cover that Hasselhoff did of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline". At the time, Jourgensen told Billboard of the experience:

"It was the most surreal project I've ever been involved with. I didn't even have to take acid, and I felt like I was trippin' balls. David Hasselhoff has a new album coming out, some originals and some covers, and for whatever reason — and this is the part that still perplexes me since I haven't met David Hasselhoff yet — he decided I would be the perfect person to mix this. [Laughs] So it's, like, 'I'm game! I'll take the challenge. This could be cool.' And sure enough, man, as soon as I heard it, I felt like I was on some of Timothy Leary's best MDMA I've ever been on."

Hasselhoff's music always did have a bit of a hard rock tinge to it. In 2015, he wrote a track the amazing short film Kung Fury called "True Survivor".

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