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WINTERSUN Frontman Says Not To Ask Him When Time II Is Coming Out

Posted by on June 26, 2014 at 3:42 pm

It seems like Tool and Wintersun both release albums at the speed of nothing, though to be fair when either band does they're always fantastic. In 2012 Wintersun released Time I, their first album in eight years, and promised Time II would be out in about six months after the release. Here were are two years later and there's noticiably no Time II to be found, though we have heard new songs being performed live. So we know at the very least the album does exist!

What gives? Frontman and guitarist Jari Mäenpää explains on Facebook.

Here´s the reality. TIME I & II and even couple of the next albums would have been out already, if I would have a studio. BUT I don´t have a studio. Studio is like an instrument of making music and I don´t have that instrument, so it´s pretty fucking hard to make albums, especially as complicated as the TIME albums are. TIME II is in good place mixwise, it´s sounding pretty damn spectacular, but there are still some difficult obstacles I´m battling with. Tuska Festival weekend is coming and I´m gonna get wasted! I´ve been working nonstop since January (and not just the TIME II, new material and there´s some other new things boiling under as well).  So don´t come ask me at Tuska "when´s TIME II coming out?" hahah!  Unless you buy me a beer! 

Personally, I suggested Mäenpää go out for a Kickstarter-type deal and see if he could fund a studio that way. Fans would be more than willing if it meant new Wintersun material more often! I hope Mäenpää elaborates on what he means by needing a studio to finish the work, given you have bands like Septicflesh floating around dealing with the same amount of instruments.

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