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We're looking at you, Necrophagist.

Latest Wintersun Music Videos

Music Videos

The kid-friendly Finnish dinosaur metal act Hevisaurus have finally written their 100th song and have sought out the help of a few friends. These...

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Latest Wintersun Reviews


Was Wintersun's latest album worth the wait?


The moment is finally here; the Time is now (hur-hur). I suppose the default question must be: "does it meet expectations?" But could anything,...

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Latest Wintersun Live Footage

Live Footage

Wintersun are promising Time II sometime in the next two decades or so, but that doesn't mean they're opposed to playing new music live....

Live Footage

Wintersun fans know heartbreak better than most; it took the band a solid eight years between their self-titled and their sophomore effort, Time I....

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