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Quality Footage Of WINTERSUN Material From Upcoming Time II Record Surfaces

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Wintersun fans know heartbreak better than most; it took the band a solid eight years between their self-titled and their sophomore effort, Time I. Then the band promised Time II a mere six months after Time I, which obviously didn't happen and was rescheduled for 2014 sometime. But fear not!

The band aren't just sitting around planning the next delay! Here's proof that Time II is an actual thing that exists by way of the new song "The Way of the Fire." Interviews quoted guitarist and vocalist Jari Mäenpää as saying that Time II would be a lot heavier and crazier than Time I when asked about the record. Apparently he wasn't lying. "The Way of the Fire" sounds like it incorporates a lot of what was going on with Time I in terms of non-metal-band instrumentation, but focuses much more on the metal. It might be a little premature to be calling it, but if Time II is a heavier Time I, then it's already one of my favorites for 2014.

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