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We also need A Life Once Lost back.

Willie Adler

A Life Once Lost and Lamb Of God are no strangers to one another. Lamb Of God vocalist Randall Blythe helped produce the vocals for A Life Once Lost's 2005 album Hunter, guested on their 2007 album Iron Gag, and the duo spent some time of the road together as well. Now it seems memories of A Life Once Lost were one of the things that originally excited Lamb Of God guitarist Willie Adler about the band's new album Omens.

In an interview with, Adler said he immediately thought of the band when Mark Morton sent him the original demo for the lead single "Nevermore," and of course got pretty stoked about things.

"That was one of the first songs that Mark sent me when we were talking about writing a new record, and I was like, 'What is this?!" It sounded so great to me and so off-the-wall. It reminds me of an old A Life Once Lost riff: it's super-chaotic and those piercing, stabbing chords are what make that riff. And they make that song, because it starts with them and comes back round to them. That song, to me, is like walking through an asylum."

Elsewhere in the interview, Adler also touched on his penchant for riffing on the low string of his guitar with a hat tip toward both Marty Friedman and Slayer.

"I like the tonality of the low string: it just seems heavier to me. And I was always fascinated by the guys who could do the super-techy riffs. I love Rust in Peace and what Marty did on that record. He was just unbelievable in how he solo'd and riffed. I’ve always gravitated towards the atonal Slayer-type riff too, where there's a lot of minor going and it doesn't necessarily conform to one theory or the other."

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