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WARBEAST Vocalist Bruce Corbitt Has Passed Away

R.I.P. Bruce.

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Bruce Corbitt (Warbeast, ex-Rigor Mortis), after an extensive battle with esophageal cancer, has passed away at 56 years old.

Corbitt was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in May 2017. Corbitt said his treatments were unsuccessful after playing a final show and retiring from Warbeast, but was suggested to undergo experimental therapy as a last ditch effort to maybe give him some quality of life. The experimental therapies initially went well and Corbitt took to Facebook this summer to say he's approaching remission. Unfortunately Corbitt had a downturn in health recently and was moved to hospice care.

In what would sadly become his final video message, Corbitt says "Here I am, man — still fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting. I'm never gonna stop fighting. You all know that about me. It's just tough to even use those words: hospice. I never thought I would get to that point." No statements have been made by Warbeast or from Corbitt's family at this time.

Rest in peace, Bruce.

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Latest News

Our thoughts are with Bruce!

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"Good things do finally happen if you can just hang in there long enough. You know damn well!"

Fuck Yes!

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