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Try Not to Get Crushed Beneath This New BLUT AUS NORD Track

France's mercurial black metal juggernaut Blut aus Nord can't seem to stop releasing music. Vindsval and company have been cranking out lumbering black metal for nearly 20 years now, and they don't show any signs of slowing down in the near future. Since the release of Cosmosophy, the final chapter of the band's 777 trilogy, in 2012, Blut aus Nord have released a pair of EPs, and now fans have a new split with P.H.O.B.O.S called Triunity to look forward to this year.

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In preparation for Triunity's release, which is scheduled for June 24th in North America, the band's label, Debemur Morti Productions, has posted a track from Blut aus Nord's half of the split on Soundcloud. The track is titled "De Librio Arbitrio" and it's very much in line with the direction the band has been moving over the past decade. Aside from the frigid atmosphere, growled vocals, and some sparse blast beats, there aren't many vestiges of black metal left in Vindsval's music. Instead, listeners are treated to a glacially paced slab of warped post-black metal that incorporates aspects of doom and drone music.

I know that description is hard to wrap your head around, so why not just stream the track below and decide for yourself if you like it or not. Here's a quick tip though: If you don't like it you're wrong. Triunity can be pr-ordered now through Debemur Morti's website.

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