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TRIVIUM Shogun tracklisting reads like a science exam

TRIVIUM Shogun tracklisting reads like a science examTRIVIUM released the tracklisting for their forthcoming record Shogun, due in late September, and it reads more like a science book than a heavy metal record. Check out these track titles:

01. Kirisute Gomen
02. Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
03. Down From The Sky
04. Insurrection
05. Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
06. Throes Of Perdition
07. He Who Spawned the Furies
08. Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
09. The Calamity
10. Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
11. Shogun

Show of hands, how many of you actually know what a Scylla or Charybdis are? No cheating! Ok fine.

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Also, don't forget the band has been posting "Making Of" videos. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 on METAL Injection.

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"There are currently no plans for a new record."