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Tony Iommi To Remix BLACK SABBATH's Forbidden Album

"Why," you ask? Because it makes Lord Iommi happy.

"Why," you ask? Because it makes Lord Iommi happy.

In 1995, Black Sabbath dropped the Forbidden record. It was the last record to feature vocalist Tony Martin and the group's 18th record overall. For its twentieth anniversary, mastermind guitarist Tony Iommi said he's looking to remix the album. He briefly made the claim in a recent Facebook post

"I really like the album but I was never happy with the overall sound so I’m going to re-mix it before it comes out again. Can’t say when, too much going on right now."

That would be… interesting? I get the nostalgia for the album considering it was the last one before a long silence, but we need to remember that this is the album that had Ice-T on the opening track. Maybe that'll be a part of the remix! Ice-T completely removed and the whole album just… redone.

Hell, even at the time Iommi didn't like the record, telling Southern Cross in 1997

"We brought in Ernie C to do production, which was a bit difficult really, because I had to leave him to it… One of the problems was we weren't all there at the same time, when we were writing it. Cozy and Neil were still contracted to do other stuff, so it ended up with just Tony Martin, Geoff Nicholls and myself just jamming around and putting ideas down. It all came together very quickly and we didn't have time to reflect: make sure it was the right songs and the right way of doing it."

So we'll see where this goes. Here's Black Sabbath with Ice-T, in case you wanted to remember. Excellent riffs, still!

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