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TESTAMENT & FEAR FACTORY Broke Out Some Seriously Deep Cuts At The First-Ever Metal Injection Festival

Testament surprised everyone with a full performance of The Legacy!

Testament MI Fest

This weekend's Metal Injection festival was a resounding success! Bands like Cavalera, Machine Head, Testament, Fear Factory, and way more took the stage on September 16 and 17 at The Observatory and House of Blues Anaheim.

Among all the great sets played throughout the night were some seriously deep cuts from Testament and Fear Factory! And yes – that's Testament playing the entirety of The Legacy.

Check out the setlists below and keep an eye out for pro-shot footage of the festival performances coming soon!


  1. "Eerie Inhabitants"
  2. "The New Order"
  3. "Trial by Fire"
  4. "Into the Pit"
  5. "Disciples of the Watch"
  6. "The Preacher"
  7. "A Day of Reckoning" (First time since 2018)
  8. "Musical Death (A Dirge)" (First time since 2018)
  9. "Over the Wall"
  10. "The Haunting"
  11. "Burnt Offerings"
  12. "Raging Waters"
  13. "C.O.T.L.O.D."
  14. "First Strike Is Deadly"
  15. "Do or Die"
  16. "Alone in the Dark"
  17. "Apocalyptic City"
  18. "Reign of Terror" (First time since 2009)

Fear Factory

  1. "Shock"
  2. "Edgecrusher" (with Brandan Schieppati)
  3. "Smasher/Devourer" (First time since 2015)
  4. "Freedom or Fire" (First time since 1998)
  5. "Obsolete" (First time since 1999)
  6. "Demanufacture"
  7. "Self Bias Resistor"
  8. "Zero Signal"
  9. "Body Hammer"
  10. "Replica"


  1. "The Curse"
  2. "Bestial Devastation"
  3. "Antichrist"
  4. "Necromancer"
  5. "Warriors of Death"
  6. "Sexta Feira 13"
  7. "Morbid Visions"
  8. "Mayhem"
  9. "War"
  10. "Crucifixion"
  11. "Show Me the Wrath"
  12. "Funeral Rites"
  13. "Empire of the Damned"
  14. "Inquisition Symphony / Escape to the Void / Refuse/Resist / Territory"
  15. "Troops of Doom / Morbid Visions"

Machine Head

  1. "Imperium"
  2. "Ten Ton Hammer"
  4. "Aesthetics of Hate"
  5. "Old"
  7. "Davidian"
  8. "Halo"

The Metal Injection festival ran as follows:

September 16 @ The Observatory

  • Max & Igor Cavalera (Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation special set)
  • Exhumed
  • Incite
  • Fueled By Fire
  • Dead Heat

September 17 @ House of Blues Anaheim

  • Testament
  • Machine Head
  • Fear Factory (Demanufacture & Obsolete special set)
  • Xibalba
  • Spirit Adrift
  • Exmortus
  • Kyng
  • Contracult Collective
  • Upon Stone
  • Thrown Into Exile
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