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Song Premiere: ROTTING KINGDOM Leave Listeners in "Absolute Ruin"

It's Tuesday, so it's a good day for a face ripping, isn't it?


It's Tuesday, so it's a good day for a face ripping, isn't it? If you agree, Rotting Kingdom got a brand new slab of filth off their upcoming LP A Deeper Shade of Sorrow.

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For anyone who has missed out on Rotting Kingdom up until now, the band is a death/doom five piece out of Lexington, KY featuring members of Tombstalker, Nest, Sonic Altar, and Arktos, among others. Not unfamiliar with dishing out the deathly good stuff, Rotting Kingdom serve us up one of their most aggressive slabs from A Deeper Shade of Sorrow: "Absolute Ruin."

And what a perfectly fitting name that is for what might be the most crushing, death dealing piece on this record. Anyone who has heard the band's self-titled EP knows that they like to play with melodic, hauntingly beautiful doom, as much as they like to swing the scythe like they're the reaper themselves. This though? This is pure flesh gnashing.

"Absolute Ruin" clocks in just shy of four minutes and does exactly what the title says: lays waste to every damn thing in its path. The track kicks in like the band has been jamming with Black Breath and pushes forward, building into further intensity by speeding up the track moment after moment. Riffs switch and things get heavy groovy, but the sentiment remains. This track plays to destroy, and destroy it does.

A Quote from vocalist Anton Escobar:

“'Absolute Ruin' is the wildcard of the album in many ways.This is the shortest song on the album and is the most steeped in traditional death metal. When we wrote this song, we wanted to create a piece of music that would showcase another side of the band. We wanted to make sure that people don’t forget that, while we may explore various sides of our expression, at the end of the day, we are ultimately still a death metal band. Essentially, 'Absolute Ruin' is a brisk and bludgeoning journey into early ’90’s osdm."

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As far as debut records go, get ready for A Deeper Shade of Sorrow to crush your bones. Preorder here.

Live dates:
March 28 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Buffalo
March 29 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
March 30  – New York City, NY @ St. Vitus
March 31  – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Meatlocker
April 1 – Washington DC @ Atlas Brew Works
April 2 – Richmond, VA @ The Fuzzy Cactus

Rotting Kingdom Bandcamp | Facebook

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