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SLIPKNOT's VMAN: "We Still Wanna Do Albums"

But also singles.

V Man

Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan recently made it known that he's interested in focusing more on singles, rather than full-length albums. Especially now that Slipknot is off Roadrunner and has no contractual obligations. Now in a new interview with Hellfest, bassist Alessandro "VMan" Venturella clarifies that Slipknot isn't exclusively focused on just singles from here on out.

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In the interview, Venturella explained that doing full-length albums with nine guys is a pain in the ass and that singles are a viable alternative. Though that doesn't mean Slipknot is forgoing the LP format for the rest of their career.

"It's not a set-in-stone thing. I think it's more like now that we're not with a record label, we can now do whatever we want and we're not held by certain aspects.

"We're in a world now where to try and get everyone all together to do a full record and the logistics to get nine guys in a place somewhere like Los Angeles or something like that, to record a record, it's a big undertaking, and especially in today's climate and how everything is, whereas if we take our time and we do things that we want, we can put out a single and we can do this here, and I think that's what he was kind of getting at."

"Albums are still a thing, and we still wanna do albums. But I think it was more, like, 'Hey, times are changing. We can go, 'Hey, here, guys, here's a new single.' You can have a single. And we're not, four years later, here comes an album. We can be a bit more free to do what we want."

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So now we've got Crahan talking about singles, Venturella talking about singles and full-length albums, and Corey Taylor talking about doing a double album eventually. Quick, someone talk about only doing EPs forever!

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