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SLIPKNOT Will Never Perform Unmasked, According To Frontman Corey Taylor

But why would anyone want that?

But why would anyone want that?

In the event you ever really wanted to all the members of Slipknot play live without their masks, prepare to be disappointed! Frontman for the group¬†Corey Taylor says it's never going to happen… and then gets defensive about it for some reason.

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According to Taylor in an interview with Linea Rock / Radio Lombardia (below):

"No. I don't think you'll ever see a Slipknot 'unmasked' tour. Everybody asks me that, and it's such a part of what we do, and it helps us really embrace the music that we make. I couldn't see that happening. And to everyone who thinks that [the masks are] just a gimmick, live in it and you tell me it's a gimmick, you shitheads."

I'm not sure why anyone would want to see Slipknot without masks. It would be like seeing a Broadway play without everyone in costume or seeing Ghost do the whole "saying a mass" bit in an At the Gates t-shirt and cargo shorts, you know? The whole show would be ruined because a big part of the theme isn't there. It's not like Taylor hasn't said this before or anything like that, but it's nice to know that some good things never change.

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