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Skull Fragment of Late MAYHEM Vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin For Sale

This is pretty metal.

This is pretty metal.

When you think of metal pieces of merch, you might assume a t-shirt, perhaps something more true, like a gauntlet or a sword or something.

But how about a piece of the skull of the former singer of Mayhem who offed himself? Well, it could be all yours.

MetalSucks reports:

Serial Killers Ink, “a true crime collectibles and memorabilia company,” is now selling a two-page typed letter from Mayhem founder Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth to Tamas Vamosi, manager for the band Tormentor and the Hungarian rep for Euronymous’ label, Deathlike Silence. The letter was written five days after the suicide of then-Mayhem vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin, and includes a fragment of Dead’s skull.

Euronymous was of course living with Dead at the time of the frontman's suicide and famously took photos of Dead's corpse, which ended up being the album cover for Dawn Of The Black Hearts. He also collected pieces of Dead's skull, and gifted it to those he deemed to be "true."

The letter matter-of-factly points out the inclusion of the skull piece:

“OK! That should be all. I’m enclosing a little piece from Dead’s cranium in case you’d like to have it. Hear from you soon!”

There are photos of the fragment, and it's small:

Skull Fragment of Late MAYHEM Vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin For Sale Skull Fragment of Late MAYHEM Vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin For Sale

Okay, but how much does this cost?

Only a meager $3,500. So, the choice is yours – you can either buy a fancy laptop, a fancy guitar, a drum kit or Dead's skull fragment. Interested parties can purchase the item here. Other pieces of Mayhem memorabilia are also available for sale here.

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