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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

SIX FEET UNDER, CRUST Among Gimme's Top Tracks of the Week

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

SIX FEET UNDER – Amputator
17 albums in the can? It's hard to believe, but Six Feet Under have persevered and continue to harvest their aggression with grace and elan. 'Nightmares of the Decomposed' should continue to deliver everything longtime fans crave, Gimme's proud to have an exclusive variant for pre-order too (clear/red/blue limited to 200 copies) available in our shoppe, so get ye there.

CRUST – Approaching Grave
Not content on being roped into any metal classification, these Russians sweep their brutalist influences into a messy yet cohesive pile of post-metal, doom, sludge, black metal and other stray pickins. Nothing short of total power from this trio, and they're total able to tap the melodicism factor while throttling faces left and right. One to keep an eye on for sure as they ascend to more prominent recognition.

MEGATON SWORD – Songs of Victory
Heard this on Horrox's impeccable By This Wax I Rule! program, some real bristling-with-electricity stuff from Switzerland whose 'Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire' LP comes on the heels of last year's debut EP. Kinda sounds like Klaus Meine fronting Manilla Road, it's sprited, kickass, and how can you beat a singer name like Uzzy Unchained? Like, seriously!

CHROME WAVES – Gazing Intro Oblivion
Post-Black Metal and Blackgaze are among the phrases thrown about when discussing this powerful Chicago unit. Rich, atmospheric and heavy sounds characterized their last LP 'A Grief Observed' from 2019 (an office fave around here), and they continue their way with this new track laden with heavy dark corridors, propulsive with chiming guitars.

It's been interesting watching this NYC unit morph from a thrash-n-whirr guitar/electronic duo into full-on live-drummer trio, a definite boon to their existence  and their migration into a sweeping, epic form here on this new track. Uniform are spreading out, becoming more cinematic, complex and seem unfettered by fitting a description box. Singer Michael Berdan cuts loose with his own show here 'Genius and Brutality' the third Thursday of each month at 11am ET, and the whole band checks in for a guest DJ special Monday September 21st at 11am ET.
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