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Does Mike Portnoy's New Metal Band Also Consist of Current TESTAMENT And MEGADETH Members?

We think Portnoy might be lead vocalist… with death metal growls!

We think Portnoy might be lead vocalist... with death metal growls!

Mike Portnoy is a damn good drummer and seemed to be pushing Dream Theater in a heavier direction toward the end of his run with the band. Outside Dream Theater, Portnoy has done some pretty heavy work with bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Adrenaline Mob. Now, after the past year or so of Portnoy doing progressive rock acts pretty exclusively, he's told Mike Portnoy Warriors that he's got a new, heavy band!

"There's another album I just finished the drums and the writing on, and it's my full-blown first full-on metal album. We wrote it in December and January, and I tracked my drums in January, and we're about to do the guitar and bass tracks next week.

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"I can't really give much away yet, but for those of you on Twitter, if you're a good detective, you've kind of put one and one and one together to see what at least the core is, and the three of us wrote and recorded this album together, and then from there, the project and the band and the album will continue to evolve."

We've taken the liberty to have you skip the whole "scouring Twitter for answers" thing and put the picture right up at the top. That's Mike Portnoy, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnik and Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson. The picture is captioned as such:

"…this would be a pretty kickass metal band, dontcha think??? : ) \m/"

I think the only mystery left here is who is going to do vocals? Unless it'll be Portnoy, who not only did backup vocals (and occasional lead) in Dream Theater, but also provided a little bit in the way of death growls. Remember that? Even better, here's the demo that didn't make the song where Portnoy really lets it rip!

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So yeah, this project has potential to be really, really heavy.

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