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David Ellefson Suggests Nick Menza & Marty Friedman Not Likely To Return To MEGADETH

Since guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover quit Megadeth, the speculation has run rampant as to who would fill those shoes. The fans really wanted Nick Menza on drums and Marty Friedman on guitar. After Mustaine basically implied such, it seems that we won't be getting the reunion we're clamoring for.

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Menza is seemingly a bit pre-occupied with a side project and while Friedman didn't say no, it doesn't seem likely he'll be back either.

Now, bassist David Ellefson is backing off any teases that Menza and Friedman are returning to the band, because it is probably not happening. In a new interview with Full Throttle Rock, he says:

“There are some developments with [regards to the new line-up] and I think I’ve come to realize – we’ve certainly spent the last several months, kind of [since] late November, sorting things out. I think, what I’ve come to is that we need to make a great record, cause that should always be… the songs have always determined who’s going to be in the band; from day one. And nothing should change with that. To go back and chase some glory day is like chasing fool’s gold. I think that the songs, and the album, are going to determine what the line-up is and I think that’s the proper order of putting the horse in front of the cart.”

It sounds to me me like Ellefson is distancing himself from the rumors to not let fans down. For all we know Menza could be back in the band anyway. His calendar doesn't seem to be filled up.

Either way, it seems things are delayed in the Megadeth camp. A few weeks back, Mustaine announced that an announcement was coming on March 2nd, which was one week ago, and we heard nothing. The band is supposed to be in the studio. Maybe we'll hear something soon.

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