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Corey Taylor Wants To Make A SLIPKNOT, MUDVAYNE, MUSHROOMHEAD Tour Happen

The ultimate late 90s nü-tour is in the works!

The ultimate late 90s nü-tour is in the works!

With 90s nostalgia in full swing (see: Coal Chamber reuniting), this absolutely makes sense to me.

Slipknot, who, some may argue are segueing into a legacy act (that is depending on what their next album sounds like), are looking for a new and exciting package for their fans. Obviously, the initial tour this fall will be huge no matter who is opening for the band. But what about the second dip? Slipknot have to create a juicier package for fans, and frontman Corey Taylor has just the right idea, and that's bring together all the late 90s maskedish bands.

In a new interview with Live Metal, Taylor was asked about the possibility of touring with Mushroomhead and this is what he said:

“I’m working on that, honestly. It probably won’t happen right away, just because [Slipknot’s] been gone for awhile and we have all these changes, and we’ve got a new album coming out. So we want to kinda take the first six or seven months and just kind of re-establish ourselves.

“But, I can say it’s on my radar and it’s one of the things I want to do, like for real. Honestly now, especially now since [GWAR vocalist Dave] Brockie’s dead—that was one of the guys that I really wanted to tour with. It was GWAR, [Slipknot], Mushroomhead and Mudvayne. I really wanted to put that together. So trust me. Hopefully sooner than later we will see what happens.”

Would GWAR tour with Slipknot? Oderus wasn't the biggest fan, but who knows how the rest of the band feels.

Also, this seems like a big enough reason for Mudvayne to reunite, as, I can't think of a bigger possible tour package that they would be invited on, but do those guys still talk? Do they like each other? Chad seems pretty comfortable in Hellyeah.

The one band I know would definitely do it is Mushroomhead, I mean…

Would this be something that interests you?

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