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Do MUSHROOMHEAD Fans Even Have $4,500 Dollars To Blow On Hanging Out With Mushroomhead?

VIP package experiences are all the rage nowadays. With music sales down, the only thing a band has to offer at a premium price is the opportunity to hang out with them. Certain VIP packages for shows and festivals top a few hundred bucks, and usually come with amenities like free dinner, an autograph session and the like. But leave it to Mushroomhead to take the VIP experience to a bizarre new level.

The band announced a "3 Day Freakend" in early November which will consist of a weekend of dinners, waterparks, casinos and "rubbing elbows (amongst other things) with the band." Are they implying that you will be allowed to rub their genitals? Because, at this point, this just sounds like a prostitution inquiry. The prices are absurd. The minimum is a $2,500 dollar package and the maximum is $4,500. Here are the deets:

Join us for MUSHROOMHEADS' "3-DAY FREAKEND" on Nov 2nd, 3rd and 4th!
—-WHAT IS IT?? A personal and intimate weekend to be spent hanging out, partying and literally rubbing elbows (amongst other things) with the band, at a handful of Clevelands most desirable haunts.
—-WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?? Hotel parties, 5-star dining, top shelf drinking, gambling, (more drinking) laughing and generally tearing up the town. PLUS,.. unlimited Q & A at your leisure.
—-THEN WHAT?? A day of whirlpools, waterslides and fast paced fun at one of the biggest and best waterparks in America!!
—-SO?… is that it??.. OH HAIL NO!!! A chef prepared meal fit for KINGS AND QUEENS served at the same tables that the band will be eating at is next up on the agenda… This incredible meal will be followed by musical performances from MUSHROOMHEAD, TENAFLY VIPER, NOTHING and a few more jaw dropping surprises left to be revealed HERE, in Cleveland.
—-WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT??? ALL party goers will receive a one of a kind, CUSTOM MADE MASK to commemorate this EVENTFUL WEEKEND like none before it!!!! An exclusive screening of a couple/few NEW CUTS off the NEW RECORD will also be on the itinerary for your enjoyment!! IT'S ALL INCLUSIVE!! JUST GET HERE!!

So basically, you can hear a few demos, and have dinner at the same table as the band and stay at an overpriced hotel. How exciting!

Ok, let's call a spade a spade here. Does Mushroomhead not understand it's own demographic? Do they not realize that whatever fanbase they have left are working class people? Who the hell has 4 grand (a person) to throw out on a whim, and with a month's notice. I'll tell you who doesn't… Mushroomhead fans. Plus, if you're willing to spend that much money, you can get on a cruise with 40 bands instead of one.

Whomever came up with this idea needs to be fired.

[via ThePRP]

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