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Black Metal Band INQUISITION Are Probably Nazis

Posted by on April 28, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Earlier today, I stumbled on an editorial written by Jonsan van Johnson basically calling out Inquisition for being nazis. Jonsan was tipped off when he heard the track “Crush the Jewish Prophet” from the band's 2004 release, Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer.

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Now, a quick look at the lyrics will show the Jewish prophet they are talking about is actually Jesus:

We are the warriors of Satan's legion
We are the soldiers of infernal war
Knife in my hand, axe in the other
We are the killers in search of Christ

Crush, Crush, Crush… Jesus
Crush, Crush, Crush… Jesus

Prepare for battle weak lambs of God
Lord of destruction I summon thee
Grant us your powers of annihilation
Crush the Jewish prophet, death to Christian faith

Crush, Crush, Crush… Jesus
Crush, Crush, Crush… Jesus

But, as Jonsan asks, why did Jesus' ethnicity have to be in the title? There is further evidence. The band's two earliest LPs and one EP were released on No Colours Records, a German mail order specializing in neo-nazi and white power releases, an affiliation that got them banned from playing a show in Austria.

The evidence continues: their 2010 release featured artwork from known white supremacist Antichrist Kramer. Inquisition guitarist Jason Weirbach has another project called 88MM, 88 being white power slang for HH or Hail Hitler. Lovely!

What's even more damning is a testimonial from Daniel Gallant, a former white supremacist himself, who noted the following:

“I was a white supremacist for many years. I have been out for twelve years. I drove the bus for an Inquisition tour. When I suspected they were white power, because I was driving for my friends band Gyibaaw, a First Nations band, I decided to prove it.

I pulled off my t shirt and there it was…my giant swastika for them all to see…they clapped and cheered…Inquisition (both Tom and Jason) were thrilled.

They boasted about their admiration for Hitler, how they loved the white power movement, and had many friends from South America and Everett, Washington…turns out we had mutual acquaintances. Tom used to hang out with the World Church of the Creator and still boasts his admiration for the church. Jason boldly stated he loves imagining living in the Nazi era and wished that would happen in America. They ranted until I shut them down.

The band Gyibaaw were grossly offended to the point of backing away from the black metal scene because of it.”

The entire write-up by Jonas is worth a read. Inquisition just completed a run on the Metal Alliance tour with Behemoth, 1349, Goatwhore and others.

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