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ROB ZOMBIE To Direct Movie About Philadelphia Flyers!

As a Philadelphia resident, sports lover and horror buff all I have to say is, Phuck yeah! Rob Zombie has just announced that he will be writing, producing and directing a movie about the mid-70's Philadelphia Flyers entitled Broad Street Bullies.

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This couldn't get any better. Rob Zombie has been known for violent films and horrific scenes and Philadelphia sports and their fans are also known for their violent ways and horrific scenes. It's a match made in hell! I mean poll any sports player and a majority of them will tell you Philadelphia has the worst fans. Worst? You Surely mean best!

What other city cares as passionately about their sports teams as Philadelphia, despite our trophy case being on the more "empty" side? What other set of fans will come out in the rain and the snow and cheer and boo the same player in the same game? Who cares what you did last week, if you are not performing now you are not good enough. That's passion. Passion is knowing every stat inside and out. Passion is also pelting Santa with snowballs during halftime, vomiting on children in the stands and starting fights with rival fans while drunk women expose themselves.

Seeing a live sporting event in Philly is better than the carnival and the sights you see will be even stranger than any big top can offer. Hence making Philadelphia the perfect setting for a Rob Zombie movie. The movie, Broad Street Bullies is based off of the HBO series which Zombie bought the rights to. Zombie commented on the project saying:

“Each character involved is more outrageous than the next,” Zombie said. “The backdrop of the turbulent year of 1974 is perfect for this ‘stranger than fiction’ sports tale.”

Rob Zombie has the full backing of the Philadelphia Flyers and I am sure the end product will be top notch. More information has yet to be released so until then we must play the waiting game but chances are the movie will look something like this…

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