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ROB HALFORD On SLEEP TOKEN: "They Worked Hard To Get To This Place Of Recognition"

He's not wrong.

Halford Sleep Token

Sleep Token is arguably one of the biggest metal bands in the world, and the Metal God himself clearly approves.

In an interview with radio station 93X, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford praised Sleep Token as one of the more unique bands of the genre. Halford noted Sleep Token's ability to blend a lot of different styles, mentioning that he feels there's nobody out there quite like them at the moment.

"Yeah, there's a lot of importance being put in the direction of this band called Sleep Token," said Halford. "And they're a really curious band in what they're putting out in terms of all of these different textures. They're very difficult to pin down. That's what I find intriguing as a musician listening to their music. It's going to a lot of different places, and I think that there isn't any other band out there right now that's able to do that."

Halford continued: "Most bands have a specific sound and direction and idea that they project. And then you kind of fine-tune into that. But you can't really nail them down, if that's the expression. And, of course, the guys have been around for a few years; they're not, like, suddenly here they are.

"They've worked hard to get to this place of recognition. But I really like all the extra textures of the way that they look and the way that they're talking."

Halford's point about Sleep Token working hard is definitely true. While it seems a lot of folks feel Sleep Token is an overnight sensation, the band put out their first EPs in 2016 and 2017. Eight years ain't exactly overnight.

So what are the chances of a Halford and Sleep Token collaboration? Who knows. But the man wants a selfie with Sleep Token vocalist Vessel. "They have a [singer] called Vessel. One day, The Metal God and Vessel will take a selfie together; I predict that. So, there's something cool."

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