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MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn Receives "Thousands Of Death Threats" Over Calling Out Phil Anselmo

Apparently this is a huge deal for Flynn.

Apparently this is a huge deal for Flynn.

Machine Head released a song last week called "Is There Anybody Out There?" that had lyrics suspiciously sounding like Robb Flynn was calling out Phil Anselmo over the whole "white power" bit from this year's Dimebash. Flynn then released the video you see below, where he confirms that the lyrics absolutely do pertain to Anselmo's comments that night, and how things went down that night as well.

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Flynn also states that the song wasn't initially meant to deal with the topic, but he wanted to include it because of "how appalled" he was.

"I went in two days later to take one more pass at the vocals and try and get a more pissed-off performance, and I started singing the words that I had on the second verse, and I just wasn't… angry," Flynn explained in new "Is There Anybody Out There?" making-of video (see below). "I wasn't feeling it, and so I wrote a whole new second verse about how fucking appalled I was that he [Philip Anselmo] did that. One of the things [Anselmo] said to me [that night]…. He told us to shut up, stop playing. 'I told you to stop.' I made a little noise and he went, 'You don't know me.'

"No, I don't know you. Not anymore. I don't know you. I don't get it."

"I haven't felt connected to the metal community for some time now. I don't get where things are going. And part of this song is about that: that I don't get where it's going. And him doing that shit again — and this is again; this has been happening for twenty fucking years now, but I never had to stand on stage with the dude. But, you know, I sang some pretty pissed-off lyrics for that second verse. And everybody wanted [the vocals to sound] more pissed; they got more pissed."

In the below video, Flynn goes on to say that he received thousands of death threats over his original video calling out Anselmo and that neo-Nazis have been harassing him and his family as well.

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So check out the video below and form your own opinions on the situation. Could this be real, genuine outrage? Is this all just to draw attention to the new song? Who knows.

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