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RAMMSTEIN's Till Lindemann Only Questioned By Russian Police, Not Arrested

Contrary to previous reports.

RAMMSTEIN's Till Lindemann Streams Heavy New Single "Ich Hasse Kinder"

Over the weekend, news broke that Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann was arrested in his hotel room in Moscow, Russia and brought to a police station for questioning. The report stated that Lindemann was arrested over violating COVID protocols with a Lindemann show taking place on August 29. Turns out that wasn't entirely accurate.

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According to a new report from Deutsche Welle by way of independent Russian news agency Interfax and German daily newspaper Bild, Lindemann was only questioned and warned about breaking protocol. The Lindemann show slated to happen on August 29 in the city of Tver was cancelled. Deutsche Welle also reports that Lindemann's manager Anar Reiband is being charged for violating migration laws after claiming their visit was only for tourism.

This isn't the first time Lindemann and Russia haven't seen eye to eye in 2021 either. Lindemann's recent NFT sale caused him a trouble, as part of the NFT was a music video recorded at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. While Lindemann filmed the video there with permission, the NFT sale was outside of the terms of the agreement.

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