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Put Your Kid To Sleep With THE MISFITS For Babies!

It can't be easy for aging metalheads and punks to rear babies. Instead of staying up late getting drunk at loud shows, you're staying up late listening to loud crying and cleaning up poop and pee. Most baby merchandise is hopelessly lame, too. The color palettes for infant clothing and toys are almost always pastels and children's music is atrocious. Is it any wonder babies are always screaming and crying? Luckily, Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star exists to remedy one of those issues. TTLR specializes in creating baby-friendly versions of various types of music not typically thought of as soothing or kid-friendly.

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The company already offers lullaby versions of Slayer, The Clash, and Metallica and their newest offering is an album of Misfits music. As you know (unless you're a huge poser), The Misfits were Glenn Danzig's hugely influential punk band, and their music is as far from soothing as you can get. Still, slowed down and stripped of Danzig's B-horror lyrics, this might be something that little tykes dig. It's also a good opportunity to introduce your child to good music so they have a leg up on all the other babies in your neighborhood that listen to that Baby Geniuses junk. Below is a complete list of tracks from the album and you can also stream "Last Caress" in full via YouTube. I got something to say, I rocked your baby today!

01. Last Caress
02. American Psycho
03. Astro Zombies
04. Dig up Her Bones
05. Hybrid Moments
06. London Dungeon
07. Where Eagles Dare
08. Saturday Night
09. Scream
10. We Are 138
11. Helena
12. Halloween
13. Skulls


[Via Blabbermouth]

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