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PRO-PAIN Vocalist Speaks Out After Robbery: "The Doctors Said I Was Lucky to Make It"

"I lost eighty percent of my blood. The doctors said that I was lucky to make it.'

"I lost eighty percent of my blood. The doctors said that I was lucky to make it.'

Last week we reported that Pro-Pain vocalist Gary Meskil was robbed, attacked with an ice pick, and essentially left for dead in Brussels. Meskil was alive and under the vigilant eye of medical professionals, and is now offering his own recitation of the events that led up to him being nearly killed.

Meskil tells Gazet van Antwerpen that he was out with guitarist Adam Phillips, and after he left, began talking to a few dudes at the bar. The guys stole his wallet and beat him with an ice pick, which led to Meskil losing 80% of his blood during the attack. Meskil says he's not entirely sure when he'll be able to sing again.

"Last Monday, I went out with Adam [Phillips, guitarist] in Brussels. Adam returned to the hotel in the Stalingradlaan in the centre of Brussels, and I went for a beer in a bar nearby, around midnight. At the table next to me, there were some young guys and we started talking. It was all very friendly. Just a nice chat. After a while, I went to the bartender to pay my bill. When I returned, two of the guys I had talked to bumped into me. Then I realized that they took my wallet. I confronted them and they start hitting me. They got help from four others. They used an ice pick to hit me on the head. They kept on kicking me after I had fallen to the ground."

"They robbed me of a lot of money: the fees of several shows. I lost eighty percent of my blood. The doctors said that I was lucky to make it. They even had to remove glass from my eyes, because they kicked the glasses I was wearing. My jaw is broken, and I will need multiple surgeries. I don't know when I will be able to sing again. It can take weeks, possibly even months."

A GoFundMe has been launched to help Meskil with his bills, and obviously we wish him a speedy and efficient recovery. As for the pieces of shit who did this to Meskil, a handful have been arrested and Meskil's money has not been returned to him.

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