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PRO-PAIN Vocalist Robbed, Nearly Killed In Brussels

Gary Meskil was robbed and beaten with an ice pick.

Gary Meskil was robbed and beaten with an ice pick.

Pro-Pain is currently out on the road in Europe, though things have taken a turn for the absolute worst. While in Brussels, vocalist Gary Meskil was "pick-pocketed of cash, credit card, and passport, struck on the head with an ice pick," and then attacked by a gang. Police have identified some of the suspects in the crime, and Meskil suffered head trauma and "massive blood loss."

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Pro-Pain states Meskil may need future surgery to rectify fractures to his head and jay, and the band has understandably cancelled its coming two tour dates, as well as possibly more depending on Meskil's health.

We wish Meskil all the best at this time, as well as a speedy and safe recovery.

This past Monday night, Gary was the victim of a Robbery and Attempted Murder in Brussels. He was pick-pocketed of cash, credit card, and passport, struck on the head with an ice pick and then subsequently attacked by a gang of individuals. The police have confiscated more than one weapon and they have established the identities of some of the suspects. Gary was quickly admitted to ICU after suffering head trauma (including several fractures to his face and jaw) and massive blood loss. Since then he has stabilized and is trying his best to recover, but future surgery may be necessary. We regret to inform the fans that the shows scheduled for Roeselare (July 7th) and Osnabruck (July 8th) are now officially cancelled. We will make sure to keep you all informed of any other cancellations and on Gary's progress.

Thanks for your support at this difficult time.


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