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Peter Steele is now sober; into God and shit

BREAKING 4/14/10 – PETER STEELE Allegedly Dead of Heart Failure

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Peter Steele, frontman of TYPE O NEGATIVE and founder of my favorite thrash band evaaar CARNIVORE was for a while, quite the trainwreck. I remember seeing a Carnivore reunion a few years ago, and noticed he did not look well. Recently though, TYPE-O started touring again and its clear by the interview below that Peter Steele is clean, looks relatively healthy and still has that dry witty sarcasm that he is known for. The interview was pretty fun at first but then slowly it started taking a turn for the worse…

Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Steele has found God. Does this mean hell has really frozen over? Not only has he found God, he thinks you should have God in your life too. OMFG WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU??? He literally says "We are all part of God's plan." To that I ask Pete, was this part of God's plan?. All the God talk starts at about 15 minutes in.

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"Satan's got me by the balls!"

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"We're doing better than we were doing before Peter passed."