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PayPal Temporarily Suspended A Dude For Buying An ISIS (The Band) Shirt

Oh Isis, you couldn't have known things would be this much of a pain.

Oh Isis, you couldn't have known things would be this much of a pain.

Remember that joke about why you should never get a band tattoo? I guess now you shouldn't use PayPal to buy ISIS shirts. If only Isis had a crystal ball upon its formation in 1997, recent confusions wouldn't be an issue at all. Since the uprising of the religious extremist group ISIS, Isis the band has had to change its Facebook name to "Isis The Band" after backlash from people who clearly have no idea how the Internet works.

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Now Isis is getting its fans in trouble, as one Jimmy Cianfrogna‎ has shown in Old Man Gloom's (featuring Aaron Turner of Isis) Facebook page. According to the screenshot by Cianfrogna‎, Paypal wasn't stoked that someone was buying an Isis shirt online and temporarily suspended his account.

Judging from the comment below, it seems like Cianfrogna‎ is still suspended. I hope the dude at least got his Isis shirt.

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