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PARKWAY DRIVE's WINSTON McCALL: "We're The Soundtrack To Dad Doing The Ironing"

There's a lot of love to go around in the McCall family, and it's beautiful.

Parkway Ironing
Iron photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

It is generally accepted that every musician, at some point, will have to reconcile their desires to make music with the apprehension of their parents over their career choice. It's a tale as old a tune, if we're being truthful. Still, if you're lucky enough to have a parent that supports you 110 percent (think: Tom Morello's mama), then you're in good company.

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Parkway Drive's Winston McCall knows this all too well. In a new ABC Australian Story documentary, McCall notes that, "My parents have been a massive part of Parkway. They came to our gigs. They loaned us money to get our first airfares to be able to get out of the country.”

McCall's father Charles is also featured in the documentary, adding “I love the music… [It] evokes all that adrenaline that I’m unable to get now I’m older. I put headphones on, go for a walk. Mate, I’m up that hill!”

Elsewhere in the doc, McCall reveals that, “They’re the first ones that want to hear anything new that we’ve made and offer their opinion,” before the video cuts to his dad doing some, shall we say, housework?

"And we’re the soundtrack to dad doing the ironing,” quips McCall, ever so lovingly. You can check the all-too-awesome clip out below.

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Well, there's definitely a saying in my family, at least, that goes a little something like this: "A family that rocks together, stays together." Here's an awesome shout out to the older McCall for keeping his vitality alive and supporting his son, and serious props to Winston for being so appreciative of him mum and dad.

Parkway Drive's latest LP, Darker Still, is available via Epitaph Records and on streaming sites everywhere. Alright, now everybody go call your parents and tell them ya love 'em!

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