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TOOL Guitarist Adam Jones' Homeroom Teacher Was Tom Morello's Mom

tom morello adam jones

It's no secret that there is a connection between Rage Against the Machine and Tool. Besides coming up together in the LA scene, guitarists Tom Morello and Adam Jones actually grew up together in a suburb of Chicago.

Jones was recently on Chris Jericho's podcast, and revealed that the connection goes even deeper than that. Morello's mom was his homeroom teacher:

“Tom and I grew up together. Tom’s mom was my homeroom teacher. Mary Morello, she’s the coolest lady you’d ever meet.

“Tom was just very inspiring growing up. He was very animated and I always thought he would be an actor. He was very well spoken. He was in a lot of plays. I remember he was in this band and they were terrible. They were called the Electric Sheep. There were no concerns of being signed or how important it is. It was a high school band, and at some point they needed a bass player, and I was playing violin, but in high school I started playing bass, cause they didn’t have a bass player. I can read treble and bass clef, but I always played guitar on the side. I’m self taught. It’s just amazing to me now how much Tom sucked at that moment when I met him and now no one can touch him.”

What the hell was in the water in Libertyville, IL to produce such incredible musicians?

Tool's Fear Inoculum comes out tomorrow.

[via Loudwire]

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