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OZZY Wants To Work With ADELE

Ozzy Osbourne has collaborated with many notable musicians from Lita Ford to Slash, and in a recent interview he reveals that he wants to work with British pop sensation Adele. Seriously!

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So, in an interview with Scott McLennan of Austrailia's Rip It Up (what's with you Aussies and good interviews lately?), Ozzy talks about how he had apparently gone vegan for a week, Tommy Iommi, and most importantly his want to collaborate with Adele. Ozzy said-

I'd die a happy man, I think she's fucking great. She's not fucking botox-faced, she's a normal, healthy girl who speaks in her native accent.

Honestly? I think that would be awesome. I'm not "Super #1 Adele Fan 4 Lyff" over here or anything like that, but she's got infinitely more chops than 99% of whatever the hell passes for music these days, and I'll be damned if her theme from the Bond flick Skyfall didn't kick a whole lot of ass. Then there's the fact that Adele isn't afraid to go to some pretty dark places on the piano, which would only elevate the sheer awesomeness of the Odele (that's what we're calling it now) song/songs.

Plus, I totally agree with Ozzy, Adele is a normal lady who wants to be left the hell alone and isn't all fake'd up and hyped by the media to the nth degree. So Adele… please, if you're reading this… just make Ozzy and myself happy and do it.

I'll buy you both a burger if you do.

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Meanwhile, Ozzy is working on wrapping up recording of the new Black Sabbath album, 13, out this June. The band released a short teaser last week.

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