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OOPS! Stadium Accidentally Leaves RAMMSTEIN Song Blasting All Night, Annoying Neighbors

Posted by on September 20, 2019 at 11:53 am

Somebody working the overnight shift at Budapest's Puksas Arena is in trouble. The football stadium is currently being constructed, with plans for it to be completed by the end of the year. Somebody just happened to "accidentally" leave the sound system on, blasting the Rammstein song “Deutschland” all night long. Since this is an open-air stadium, the music easily escaped and local townspeople were quite bothered by the New German Hardness blasting through their town all night.

Here's a look at the venue for reference:

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The venue offered an apology, a translation of which reads: “From Monday to Tuesday, there was an unpleasant noise from Monday to Tuesday, which was caused by a technical error, according to the contractor.

“The Entrepreneur has taken the necessary steps to ensure that such a case does not happen again.

“We are sure that the world-Class Rifle Arena, which will be prepared by mid-November and the new, organized green surface around it, will make up for the residents.

“For the inconvenience caused, we apologize to the residents of the surrounding streets!”

Nex time, at least loop more than one song?! Rammstein are not actively touring, but they have a huge European tour planned for next summer. Get tickets here.

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[via Loudwire]

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