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NOCTURNO CULTO Explains How DARKTHRONE Has Stayed Together For So Long

Not playing shows helps.


Darkthrone has been around for over three decades at this point, and has almost always been the duo of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. So how has the band stayed together for so long and made as much great music as they have? Nocturno Culto explains in an interview with Blabbermouth that it has a lot to do with distance and not playing shows together.

"Basically, the last four or five years, we've been almost in daily touch," he said. "We don't talk much, but if it's something important, we call each other. We text each other throughout the day about music and stuff happening around us. Of course, we text about albums. I'm more in touch with Fenriz now than for quite a while. The thing is, we don't meet up that much. It's probably for the best.

"It's also probably one of the reasons we've stuck together for so long. We don't use our time playing live. We don't feel at home in show business, but if we were a touring band, we'd probably split up years ago. [Laughs] It's not that we don't like each other, but you know how it is. We have a very good relationship. I live far away from him, so the distance ensures we don't meet so much."

Nocturno Culto had previously explained in another interview that show offers have come in frequently over the years, but Darkthrone has (and always will) say no. Even if it's for a lot of money.

"The offers keep on coming, believe me. We have said no to being wealthy for years and years. I believe Darkthrone is kind of isolated in many areas, but we like it that way. We don't see ourselves as something else other than ordinary men with a passion for music. So stage, touring and personal attention is not what we seek, but what we want to leave behind…..yes you guessed it, full length albums. A Blaze in the Northern Sky was originally meant to be a mini album, but luckily we discussed it, and agreed on taking our time to make an LP."

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